Ha Long dolphin bow - supernatural virtual living coordinates that make young people fidgety

 Ha Long dolphin Palace is not only impressed with its unique architecture located next to one of the most beautiful bays in our country, but also a virtual paradise of young people check-in.

Where is the dolphin palace in Ha Long?

Ha Long dolphin palace is located on Tran Quoc Nghien Street, Tuan Chau, Ha Long city. This is the most beautiful route in Quang Ninh province, located close to the library, museum and 30/10 Square, creating a beautiful architectural banana and becoming an attractive destination when traveling to Ha Long . 

The dolphin palace is a work in the planning project of Quang Ninh's exhibition, fair and cultural planning, designed by Salvador Perez Arroyo Design Joint Stock Company and Co-worker. The reason is called "Dolphin Palace", because there is construction like the image of dolphins playing waves by Ha Long Bay. This project was built in February 2015, impressively with a capital of up to 1,000 billion VND. In October 2016, the dolphin palace officially came into operation and welcomed visitors. 

Ha Long dolphin bow - where is the address
Ha Long dolphin palace is located on Tran Quoc Nghien street


How to move to Ha Long dolphin bow 

To visit Ha Long dolphin palace , first of all you need to move to Ha Long city by many different vehicles. For you far away, you can go by plane to Van Don airport then move to Ha Long about 1 hour drive. As for those in the North, you can take a bus, self-drive car or ride a motorbike to Ha Long.  

From the center of Ha Long city to the dolphin palace about 8km, you can take a taxi or motorbike. The fastest route is to go straight to the NH18 to Ha Long 2 market, here you have 2 directions to the dolphin bow. You can turn on Tran Hung Dao street and go straight to CGV Vincom Plaza Ha Long, turn left to Tran Quoc Nghien street and continue straight through Quang Ninh museum for a few hundred meters, you will see the bow of dolphins. Or go straight from Ha Long 2 market to QL18 -> Ha Long Specialized High School, turn left to the bow of dolphins.

Experience with dolphin , if not familiar with the road travel you can take a taxi, motorbike taxi or look up the way according to google maps. 


Admire the impressive architecture of the Ha Long dolphin palace

Ha Long dolphin palace has a total area of ​​up to 20,700m2, divided into two areas: display block and exhibition block. In particular, the exhibition area includes more than 300 booths with about 1000 seats. Visiting the exhibition area, you will admire the dome architecture with a shell shape up to 22m high. At this place visitors will be able to check-in virtual live with super quality pictures. 

Ha Long dolphin bow - famous sights
Admire the impressive architecture of the Ha Long dolphin palace


Then, you move to galleries to learn large arc design. It has large halls and display areas, with tables and chairs for guests to eat and rest. There is also a unique book display model in the exhibition area that attracts visitors to visit and learn. 

Ha Long dolphin bow - unique architecture
Impressive arc in the dolphin arc


The dolphin palace is designed with a modern projection system, is the venue for large-scale music shows and events. With a large space, many exciting activities, massive and novel design, it promises to be the ideal destination for visitors to explore. The most impressive thing about visiting the dolphin palace is that the unique architecture on the two sides of beautiful Ha Long Bay is the ideal place for dating and sightseeing. 

Ha Long dolphin bow - a beautiful virtual living place
Extreme virtual life in the dolphin palace


Not only impressive with beautiful architecture, Ha Long dolphin palace is also a super beautiful check-in place that you should not miss. The two red and blue walls on both sides of the bow and the waist line are super cool angles for beautiful pictures. When visiting this place, you should prepare a dress with a sexy skirt, with a good camera to satisfy the background. 

Ha Long dolphin bow - check-in shimmering
Super beautiful check-in paradise in Ha Long


In addition, with the location next to Ha Long Bay, you can also live virtual with beautiful pictures and beautiful seascape. Or get creative with a picture of the sunrise or watch the sunset on that romantic Ha Long Bay. 

Ha Long dolphin bow - beautiful view
Virtual life coordinates make young people fever


Delicious restaurants and eateries near the Ha Long dolphin palace

After visiting and taking photos, you can enjoy Ha Long specialties at restaurants and eateries near the dolphin palace such as:

- Phuong Nam Restaurant Ha Long - Tran Quoc Nghien Street, City. Ha Long: The restaurant specializes in serving fresh seafood, Asian and European dishes. Impressive restaurant with beautiful sea view to enjoy delicious meals.

Ha Long dolphin bow - the restaurant near the dolphin bow
Enjoy seafood at the restaurant near the dolphin palace


- Lien Tuan Yogurt - Tran Quoc Nghien, Bach Dang, Ha Long: A famous snack address in Ha Long specializing in famous delicious pearl yogurt, only for 20,000 VND / serving.

- Long Phung Bay Restaurant No. 66 Tran Quoc Nghien Street specializes in fresh seafood dishes, processed on the spot with reasonable prices. Spacious and clean space is the top destination for many tourists when coming to Ha Long. 

In addition, there are a number of delicious restaurants on Tran Quoc Nghien Street such as: Freshie - Healthy Food & Drinks, KOI Sushi - Vincom Center, ThaChang - Thai Kitchen & Hotpot, Viet Street - Vietnamese Street Food ...

If you are looking for a place for sightseeing and taking beautiful pictures in the coastal city of Ha Long, the dolphin palace is the ideal destination. 

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