Visit the sacred Long Tien pagoda in Ha Long at the foot of Bai Tho mountain

 Long Tien Pagoda Ha Long is the ideal spiritual tourist destination for many tourists to admire, purify the soul and pray for good luck. Let's explore what Long Tien Pagoda attracts so many visitors through the following article.

Where is Long Tien Pagoda?   

Long Tien Pagoda has the largest scale in Ha Long, located in Long Tien Street, is a place to keep great historical values ​​and possess many beautiful places. To learn the beauty of culture and belief, Long Tien Pagoda is the ideal destination that you should not miss when traveling to Ha Long . The highlight of this temple is that, located at the foot of Bai Tho mountain, it owns a peaceful and ideal scene to admire the beautiful scenery of Ha Long. If you are looking for a place to travel to spring and worship in Ha Long, Long Tien Pagoda is the destination that you should not miss.           

Long Tien pagoda Ha Long - where is the address
Long Tien pagoda has the largest scale in Ha Long


The ideal time to visit Long Tien pagoda

When should I go to Long Tien pagoda in Ha Long ? The best time to go to Long Tien Pagoda is on the festival after Tet, at this time there are many cultural, spiritual activities and fun are held bustling. Especially, when going to Long Tien pagoda, you can learn about daily life and cultural beauty. To enjoy the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, you should go to Long Tien Pagoda during the low season from May to December. 

How to move to Long Tien Ha Long pagoda 

You can go by bus to Long Tien pagoda departing from Gia Lam, My Dinh or Luong Yen bus station and stop at Bai Chay bus station, then take a taxi to Long Tien pagoda . 

Experience in traveling to Long Tien pagoda , if you want to be proactive about travel time, you can ride a motorbike from Hanoi in the following direction: Hanoi -> Sai Dong junction -> Bac Ninh -> follow Highway 18 to Pha Lai -> Chi Linh -> Dong Trieu -> Uong Bi -> Ha Long. Depart from the center of Ha Long city, turn to Nguyen Du street and continue about 700m to Le Thanh Tong street. Then, go straight to Bach Dang cinema car park, you can stop here and travel by many different means to Long Tien Pagoda. 

If you want to go from Ha Long Bay to Long Tien Pagoda, you have to take a boat across the river, there are many boat trips to serve tourists. Renting a boat to Long Tien pagoda costs about 100,000 VND / person, each trip is about 10 people. If you go in a large group, the rental price will be cheaper. 


The view of Long Tien pagoda purifies the soul

What is Long Tien Pagoda in Ha Long ? Since the temple has a large space, so to fully visit this famous temple you should have a clear schedule for your trip. Right from the gate of Long Tien pagoda, is Tam Quan gate with Huu - Vo - Dai gate. In it, the big gate is for followers of the Buddha and the two sides of the gate are small for visitors. Going deeper inside the temple, you will see a statue of Bodhidharma, the ancestor of Zen Zong China, the area to the right of the pagoda is the place to worship Van Phuong's mother. Long Tien pagoda follows the Bac Tong sect, worships both the generals of the Tran dynasty and the Buddhas. 

Long Tien pagoda, Ha Long - visit the pagoda
The tranquil space of Long Tien pagoda


Early morning and sunset are the best time to visit Long Tien pagoda, at this time the view is beautiful and peaceful. If you go in the spring and festival, so going around noon or evening will have fewer visitors and not crowded. 

If you go to Long Tien Pagoda on April 23 of lunar calendar, you will be immersed in the vibrant festival atmosphere of pilgrims. Coming to the Long Tien pagoda festival, visitors will also be blessed with good luck for a good year, avoiding all bad omen. The festival attracts visitors with meaningful activities such as Cheo performance, procession of Duc Ong's palanquin procession, wrestling, chess, ...

How to choose gifts when going to Long Tien pagoda

Preparing when visiting Long Tien Ha Long pagoda ? Like other temples, when going to Long TIen Pagoda, you also need to prepare a ceremony including fruits, sticky rice, tea, and cakes. You can choose flowers to offer to the Buddha such as peony, lotus, chrysanthemum and pay attention to choose fresh and delicious fruits, not wither. It should be noted, not to put hell money, votive votive on the place of worshiping Buddha. Cash is needed in merit boxes in temples. If you bring salty ceremonies, you should offer them in the Tran Dynasty or worshiping Thanh Mau area. 

Long Tien Pagoda Ha Long - an attractive destination for tourists
Long Tien Pagoda - an attractive destination for tourists


Notes when going to Long Tien pagoda

Long Tien pagoda experience you need to note the following:

- Need to dress neatly and politely when coming to Long Tien Pagoda. 

- Avoid commenting on the Buddha, do not talk loudly and laugh in the area of ​​the Buddha temple, tam Bao. 

- Eat and drink at the right place, avoid going to the ceremony while carrying food or drink.

- Do not offer incense in the designated sea locations.

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