Ha Giang also has a lonely tree as beautiful as any other place like this!

 In the mountainous region of Ha Giang, it seems that one can find many dreamy spaces that contain the strange hidden behind the up and down roads. Then come a beautiful day, we walk to a place that is not too ostentatious or brilliant, not bustling, crowded. It is merely a cool green tree standing in the middle of a vast sky with no stops. Yet that is enough for many people to sob, creating funny photos full of solitary colors but extremely attractive. And that strange lonely tree Ha Giang suddenly became a stopover for guests who love novelty, making it no longer alone, but always crowded with people coming to take pictures and admire passionately. . 

Locate the lonely tree of Ha Giang

Ha Giang is known as a high mountain area possessing a magnificent natural landscape, breathtaking and winding, dangerous mountain passes, and steep cliffs. Over the past few years, everyone who comes to Ha Giang has been stirring up about a new, extremely interesting and special destination. That is the lonely tree Ha Giang  (lonely grinding tree) located on the new road put into operation from Quan Ba ​​to Yen Minh. 


Introduction of lonely tree Ha Giang(Photo: Tran Trang)


Check in at the lonely tree Ha GiangLonely transplantation is located near Lao Chai Kindergarten 


Lonely clenched tree is located in Can Ty commune, Quan Ba ​​district, located near Lao Chai Kindergarten. However, you should note that it is not on Highway 4C but on the new route going up to Yen Minh town. This is also the reason that many new tourists traveling to Ha Giang for the first time will find it difficult to find this hot check-in place. 


Lonely tree Ha GiangThis coordinate is sought by many young people 


Road to the lonely tree Ha Giang 

The route to reach the lonely tree of Ha Giang will start from the center of Ha Giang city along the National Highway 4C, travel about 40km and you will reach Quan Ba ​​town. Standing from the gate of Quan You, the view down is an immense valley with golden fields at the foot of Co Tien twin mountain fluttering, swaying with the breath of nature, making anyone passing by stop. back a little bit to see that wonderful view. 


Ha Giang lonely tree tourism(Photo: vietnamexpeditions)


Fill up the gas station at Quan Ba ​​gas station and then go further 2km to reach the junction. Here you turn to the direction of the community tourism village of Nam Dam village. Go straight a little further to Trang Kem commune, which is famous for its holy pho. When you have come here, you must definitely try this delicious Ha Giang specialty. Make sure that when you finish a bowl of pho, you will be full of energy for the next journey. 


The road to the lonely tree Ha GiangPho Trang Kep 


Once you have enjoyed the delicious food, then get on the bus to continue. You just move about 2km more to reach Can Ty North bridge across the green Mien River. Crossing the bridge a few tens of meters more, you will see a sign on the right side showing the way to Yen Minh. If you go straight, it is the old road 41km long and note that it will not take you through the lonely tree of Ha Giang . If you want to reach these coordinates, then turn right to take a new 22.6km long. 


Move to the lonely tree Ha Giang(Photo: hy.nt92)


Lonely tree beauty Ha Giang 

Lonely tree Ha Giang is one of the lonely trees in the North causing fever, increasingly appearing on tourist groups. I do not know how long, how many years old the lonely gnashing has existed, but in the midst of the sun, wind, and mist, amidst the vast space of heaven and earth in Ha Giang, the lonely tree still stands tall, defiant and attract the eyes of passersby. 


Admire the lonely tree Ha GiangThis place is increasingly shared on social networks 


Virtual life in lonely trees Ha GiangVirtual life in lonely grinding tree 


The special feature of the lonely tree Ha Giang is that it possesses a very large size, the trunk grows tall with one side is a deep abyss, the other is a pass with high cliffs. It is this factor that has made this place become the very HOT check-in coordinates that many players love. 


Lonely tree beauty Ha GiangLonely tree of great size 
Discover the beauty of Ha Giang lonely tree(Photo: nhoc.coi)


Things to keep in mind when coming to Ha Giang lonely tree 

According to Ha Giang's travel experience , what many riders always put on top when coming here is to choose a driver with hard drive. Due to the pass in Ha Giang, there are many bends on the sleeves and steep slopes. If the steering wheel is not hard, used to the road, it is very easy to have an accident. 

Should choose sports shoes, soft soles for easy climbing and moving. 

In Ha Giang, there are many rocky outcrops, so if you are "weak in heart", do not climb to take pictures.


Experience to lonely tree Ha GiangFor safety, remember to choose a driver with a firm handlebar 


The road from Quan Ba ​​to Yen Minh will see the silhouette of lonely trees Ha Giang standing across the sky. To collapse the entire lonely tree, the photographer must stand from a distance or use a wide-angle camera. This photo so deep in the middle of the hill will bring back thousands of likes! 

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