Well-known musician Bảo’s new album released

Musician, mixer and producer Quốc Bảo plays guitar in a studio. Photo courtesy of the producer

HCM CITY — Musician, mixer and producer Quốc Bảo has released his latest album featuring top hits from the 1990s and early 2000s in HCM City. 

Love and women are the themes of 30 Năm Tình Ca Quốc Bảo (30 Years of Love Songs by Quốc Bảo), a production issued in digital CD and vinyl.

The album marks the artist’s 30-year career. It features nine hit songs that shot him to fame. 

Highlighted songs are Em Về Tinh Khôi (My Lovely Girl) released in 1997, Giấc Mơ Tuyết Trắng (Dream about Snow) in 2000 and Bình Yên (Peaceful) in 2003. 

Bảo worked with his staff, including music producer Bảo Chấn and pop stars Hà Trần and Bằng Kiều, and singers Nguyên Hà and Lê Hiếu, to remix and record the songs in new styles. 

“The music in the album truly reflects my life and love,” said 54-year-old Bảo in an interview with local media during the album launch in the city last week. 

“My music comes from my heart,” he added.  

Love and women will be the themes of 30 Năm Tình Ca Quốc Bảo (30 Years for Love Songs by Quốc Bảo), a new album issued in digital CD and vinyl by musician, mixer and producer Quốc Bảo. The album marks the artist’s 30-year career. Photo courtesy of the producer

Bảo will soon release a music book of 100 songs. The book will also come with sheet music and photos featuring pop stars who performed the musician’s songs.  

Bảo began his career in 1989 when he worked as a music teacher at the HCM City College of Pedagogy. 

In 1995, he worked as a music editor for the Phương Nam Studio, one of the region’s leading film companies. He was responsible for compiling, editing and syncing music for many films’ soundtracks. 

He became well known in 1997 after his first hit, Em Về Tinh Khôi, a romantic jazz song performed by young pop idol Hà Trần. The song later was included in many albums recorded by top singers at home and aboard.

Bảo’s creative ability is to mix different musical genres. His music combines traditional and western styles, using Vietnamese folk elements.

He has composed more than 1,000 songs and released 13 albums, all of them performed by pop stars like Hà Trần, Mỹ Tâm, Hồ Ngọc Hà and Thuỷ Tiên.  VNS

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